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Become a Sponsor of the Bowmanville Farmers' Market

In 2023, the Bowmanville Farmers' Market burst onto the scene as a vibrant hub of community activity, local entrepreneurship, and environmental sustainability. Thanks to a diverse and passionate group of vendors, we were able to offer an array of local products, from fresh, organic produce to artisanal goods and crafts, drawing in crowds from Bowmanville and beyond. Our market quickly became a weekly destination for families, foodies, and everyone in between, looking to support local and enjoy the very best our region has to offer.

We're excited to invite sponsors to join us in fostering this growing community of vendors and artisans. This year, we aim to enhance our market even further, creating more opportunities for local businesses and offering an even wider array of products to our visitors. Our goal is not just to maintain but to magnify the success of the previous year, spreading the love for local products and reinforcing the bonds within our community.

Why Sponsor Bowmanville Farmers' Market?

    • Community Impact: Your support directly contributes to the vitality of our local economy and the sustainability of small businesses.

    • Visibility: Gain exposure to a diverse and engaged audience, both at our weekly markets and through our online presence.

    • Alignment with Sustainability: Align your brand with environmental stewardship and the promotion of local, sustainable agriculture and crafts.

    • Support for Local Entrepreneurship: Help provide a platform for new and established vendors to reach their customers and grow their businesses.

Sponsorship Opportunities for 2024

For 2024, we have a variety of sponsorship levels, each offering unique benefits designed to showcase your brand and demonstrate your commitment to the community. Whether you're looking to provide ongoing support throughout the season, or collaborate in other creative ways, we're open to discussing how we can best partner together.

Click here to download 2024 Sponsorship Proposal.

Join Us in Making a Difference

We believe that together, we can create a market that not only serves as a beacon for local shopping but also as a community gathering space that fosters connections and celebrates our local culture. If you share our passion for supporting local vendors and products, we would love to have you on board as a sponsor for the 2024 season.

To learn more about our sponsorship opportunities and how you can get involved, please contact us at info@bowmanvillefarmersmarket.ca. Let's work together to support a great community of vendors and local products, making the 2024 Bowmanville Farmers' Market the best one yet!