• Fruits and veggies from our farmers are fresh, locally-sourced produce that is often organic and pesticide-free. They are picked at the peak of ripeness, providing a superior flavor and nutrition compared to store-bought produce. Our Farmers market offers a wide variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables.

  • Dairy & Eggs from our farmers market are a great way to get fresh, locally-sourced products. From creamy milk and cheese to farm-fresh eggs, these products are sure to add flavor and nutrition to any meal. Enjoy the taste of freshness with Dairy & Eggs from Bowmanville farmers market.

  • Meat & Poultry from our farmers market are fresh, locally-sourced products that are free of hormones and antibiotics. They are raised in humane conditions and provide a healthier, more sustainable option for our customers. Enjoy the freshest cuts of beef, pork, chicken, turkey, and even fish from our farmers market.

  • Baked Goods from our farmers market are freshly-made treats that are made with locally-sourced ingredients by local businesses. From artisan breads, bagels, to sweet pastries, these delicious items are sure to satisfy any craving.

  • Sauces, Herbs & Spices from our farmers markets are a great way to add flavor and variety to your cooking. From classic sauces to unique herbs, spices and spicy sauces, you can find a wide selection of products that will help you create delicious meals. Whether you're looking for a new flavor to try or just want to stock up on your favorites, Bowmanville farmers market is the perfect place to find fresh and flavorful ingredients.

  • Honey, Jams & All-things Pickled from our farmers market is a unique collection of products made with locally sourced ingredients and by local farms and other local businesses. From sweet honey, maple syrup to sweet and savory jams and all-things pickled, these products are sure to add flavor and variety to any meal. Enjoy the freshness of farm-to-table produce and the unique flavors of these homemade products.

  • Homemade beverages from our farmers market are a delicious and healthy way to quench your thirst. Our selection of smoothies, cold pressed juices, coffee and infused water are made with the freshest ingredients from local farmers. Enjoy the natural flavors and nutrients of these beverages for a refreshing and energizing boost.

  • Flowers & Plants from our farmers markets are a great way to bring the beauty of your local nature into your home. From vibrant tulips in the spring until dahlias in the fall and everything in between, these fresh-cut flowers and plants are sure to brighten up any space. Whether you’re looking for a unique gift or just want to add a touch of greenery to your home, you’ll find something special at Bowmanville farmers market.

  • Prepared Foods & Meals from our farmers market offer a variety of delicious, locally-sourced meals made with fresh, local ingredients. From light energy treats, to sandwiches, charcuterie and even barbequed poultry, you can find something to satisfy any craving. Enjoy the convenience of having a meal ready to go without sacrificing the quality of ingredients.

  • Crafts & Gifts section of our farmers market offers unique, handmade items crafted by local artisans. From natural cosmetics, jewelry, and different accessories to woodworking and quilting, you'll find something special for everyone. Our farmers market also offers a variety of gifts made with locally sourced ingredients, such as gift baskets, bouquets, and more. Shop with us to find the perfect gift for any occasion!

  • Our farmers market offers a wide selection of specialty products to meet the needs of those with dietary restrictions. We have gluten free food and desserts, refined sugar free options, vegan options, and more. All of our products are made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients and are sure to please even the most discerning palate. Here you can also find other local products that are gluten free, vegan and so much more!

  • Indulge in the rejuvenating power of natural cosmetics and candles for a truly blissful self-care experience.

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